Romantic rose centerpiece ideas

Let’s start with a simple rose centerpiece arrangement.Then we'll see how a bunch of roses can create several different romantic floral centrepieces.

A simple romantic red rose centerpiece arrangements

The simplest of romantic rose centerpiece arrangements involves only a round vase, and a bunch of roses. Because this arrangement is so simple, it can also take on a dramatic flair with the right accessories.

red rose centerpiece

Just strip off the leaves that might otherwise be below water. Then start inserting roses into the vase. Begin with cutting some roses short enough to just show around the sides of the vase. Then cut the lengths a little longer to start filling out the center.

A pale romantic rose centerpiece

Pale rose centerpiece with round candlesticks

A fishbowl vase, a bunch of pale roses, and some filler ferns make a soft, romantic centerpiece.

To make a similar arrangement, fill your vase with water and start inserting the greenery.

Insert pieces almost sideways, criss-crossing the stems underwater, then add more vertical pieces in the center.

This criss-crossing gives the stems an attractive neat look, and provides a supportive cradle to hold the flowers.

Strip the leaves off the roses. Insert the roses into the greenery, following the same method of starting with horizontal pieces, then adding the center pieces.

You want the rose stems long enough to slide into the greenery stems and protrude a couple of inches out of the vase.

Cut one stem at a time until you are sure you have the right length. It would be too bad to cut them all too short. Do the same with the baby’s breath and mums.

Turn the bowl around as you work to make sure all views are attractive.

Now add some filler to add a little more depth to the arrangement. In this arrangement ruscus filler has been inserted.

When you add the filler, don't just push it in randomly. Use the same approach as when you put the ferns and roses in.

Start tucking the filler in horizontally, and then add pieces in the center.

That's it! You have a lovely arrangement ready to set a romantic or traditional mood for your dinner party.

Choose crystal or glass candlesticks to co-ordinate with the glass of your vase. They also continue the romantic mood of your lovely rose flower centrepiece.

When you choose your candlesticks, mimic the shape of your bowl. If the bowl is round, select round rather than square candlesticks.

White or ivory taper candles complete the romantic setting.

Finally, if you want a floral centrepiece with a little more variety and depth, add some greenery and a one or two other types of flowers.

In the example below you can see that baby’s breath and mums supplement this lovely floral arrangement of pale romantic roses.

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