Make-ahead appetizers

Make-ahead appetizers take stress out of hosting dinner parties!

Easy recipes you can make in advance are one of my favorite ways of minimizing any hosting stress.

At the bottom of this page you'll find a list of my favorites and links to easy recipes for them.

But for now let’s talk about the whole idea of make ahead appetizers.

Why pick appetizers? Well, actually, my second favorite is make-ahead dessert recipes. In fact, any make-ahead recipes catch my eye. But taking things in the order that your dinner party goes, it seems logical to start with appetizers, like a yummy cheese tray with crackers and maybe some fruit. yummy cheese tray with fruit

Minimize stress as the guests arrive

Do you shudder at the idea of trying to prepare appetizers at the last minute? I do. I find it too stressful to be fussing at cooking or preparing something while the doorbell is ringing. The most I want to be doing as guests arrive is to set the darling little bites out in the living room.

So I try to have a repertoire of easy recipes that work for me. Often I serve more than one, since some of my guests like to stick to very light appetizers, and others enjoy heartier ones.

You may especially appreciate make-ahead appetizers if you are hosting by yourself. It lets you focus on greeting your guests. Far better than running back and forth between the front door and appetizers that might be overcooking in the oven.

Actually, make-ahead appetizers is a bit misleading. Some of the recipes I rely on are make-ahead, and some are items that I can just bring home from the store and put out in nice serving dishes. How easy is that!

Present with flair
Get yourself some attractive platters for appetizers. They make your job so much easier, because you take pleasure in setting your food out on lovely dishes. It helps even more if one or two of your platters have built in dishes in the center for dip or cocktail sauce. So keep your eye out for great appetizer platters at flea markets or stores.

Here are some of my tried and true favorites. Serve one or two of these ultra-simple recipes at your dinner. It’s a good idea to choose at least one with crackers or bread, in case somebody arrives starving.

Make a point of setting your appetizers out on those attractive platters you picked up. Watch your hungry guests’ eyes light up when they walk in your living room to a dynamite combination of tasty appetizers on lovely presentation platters.

You can count on these perennial favorite recipes to give your guests a tasty start to your dinner party.

Get easy recipes for these favorites

Remember - Make-ahead appetizers take stress
out of hosting dinner parties!

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