Set Beautiful Tables
in 15 minutes

Time-Saving Tips for Setting Beautiful Tables

Create a lovely display with creamy table
linens, and tableware, gleaming flatware and crystal,
warm flickering candles in their candlesticks, and
gorgeous flowers for your table centerpieces

Oops! Does that sound like a lot of work,
a lot of money and impossible to create in 15 minutes?

Don’t worry. Turns out it’s a lot easier and less costly than it
looks to create a beautiful table fast.

Did you know that at the most formal state banquets, white or cream is a most acceptable color for the candles, tablecloths, serviettes, and dishes?

If it’s good enough for the queen, it’s good enough for us (grin).

So use this color scheme to design a table-setting scheme that you can use confidently at almost any dinner party occasion.

Here's an example of a serene round white table. If your table is square or rectangular you'll still get the same look if you use the white color scheme.

Your recipe for creating the serene, elegant look

  • Clear or crystal glassware
  • White or glass candlesticks and flower vase
  • White or cream-coloured tablecloth, napkins and candles
  • White or pale-coloured flowers or artificial centrepiece

Tip: Because the white tablecloth and napkins are the backbone of so many table-settings, why not buy two sets for your table? It’s an investment in peace of mind.

Once you have a white tablecloth for your shape of table and your vases and candlesticks, you can just change a the napkins and flowers to create different looks.

Your recipe for creating a dramatic look

Red accessories create a dramatic and exciting look.

So now the recipe becomes:

  • Clear or crystal glassware
  • White or glass candlesticks and flower vase
  • White or cream-coloured tablecloth and candles
  • Luscious, vivid-coloured flowers and napkins

Presto! - a table that is simple and dramatic,
a table with flair. And you didn't have to buy a lot of new table linens or accessories to make the change. You can use the same white tablecloth, candlesticks and flower vase. All that’s different is the colour of the flowers and the napkins.

Make your own simple change of accessories, and you create your own recipes for many different looks - romantic, formal, informal, dramatic, minimal.

It's easy, inexpensive and you get beautiful table settings for whatever mood suits you.

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