New Years Eve dinner menu

New Years Eve dinner menu – choose one that makes for more sophisticated dining than ordinary weekend dinner parties.

You could choose to go out for dinner, but you know that on New Year’s Eve the prices go sky high. For a fraction of that amount you and friends can share a delicious dinner at home. And there’s no worrying about driving on the biggest party night of the year. It’s a night when your company will probably be happy to take a cab, and of course you don’t have to go anywhere after you’ve drunk that midnight champagne.

But even though you will be ratcheting up the sophistication level, there’s no need to ratchet up the difficulty level. A careful choice of New Year’s Eve dinner menu lets you serve a ravishing dinner without spending all your time alone in the kitchen.

white table with red accessories

This is a night to bring out your best dishes. It’s also a good time to choose a dramatic table.

Put out dark red, purple-blue or black accessories to make a table-setting statement with flair.

Wine choices
Champagne goes with everything except maybe your pocketbook. But you have other choices that create the same festive mood. If price is a factor, as it is for most of us, why not choose a delicious Italian Prosecco – a sparkling wine that creates the same mood as champagne at a fraction of the price.

You can greet your guests with a glass of sparkling wine, then at dinner switch to the wines that go with your menu choices. At midnight, bring out more Prosecco or champagne to toast in the New Year.

shrimp cocktail ring Make ahead appetizers choices
A shrimp ring is always welcome among seafood fans.

Buy a pre-cooked frozen shrimp ring, defrost according to directions and serve with tangy sauce and lemon quarters

Brie canapés on toast are a change from cheese and crackers and look elegant for New Year’s Eve. Top them with a slice of black olive and crossed slices of asparagus for a nice presentation.

endive with crab

Endive leaves offer a pretty “boat” for dabs of creamed blue cheese topped with walnuts. To cream the cheese, use the back of a spoon. Add a little heavy cream to help with smoothing the cheese.

Or top them with crab meat mixed with a little mayonnaise.

Main course choices
For the main course of your New Years eve dinner menu, choose an elegant dish like salmon or filet mignon. Then accompany them with simple sides like small boiled potatoes and grape tomatoes for a touch of color. Make sure that the salad you serve is simple too. You don’t want too many food “stars” at the table.

Make sure you serve a dessert that requires no last minute preparation. This is one evening where you want to be lingering over dinner table conversation. You don’t want to miss the New Years resolutions your friends swear they are making because you chose a complicated New Years eve dinner menu!

Dessert choices
So it’s off to the local bakery. Look for some easy to serve French pastry like to-die-for chocolate éclairs, or glistening custard fruit tarts. All you need to do is pass the dish around. The added bonus is that people can decide with no fuss whether they choose a pastry or pass on dessert.

Then all that’s left is to serve coffee or tea if desired, and break out the bubbly at midnight.

Happy New Year with your choice of an easy but sophisticated New Years Eve dinner menu!

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