House cleaning tips

This House cleaning tips page limits itself to touch up cleaning, spot cleaning, tidying and reducing day-to-day living clutter.

It's not about how to deep clean your place from basement to attic. When you’re having a dinner party you just want an efficient way to sparkle up the place a day or so before your dinner party

Here are some tips so you can speed through this house cleaning touch up job in an hour or two.

Seven Quick House Cleaning Tips

House cleaning tip # 1
Schedule the cleanup session the day or evening before your dinner party, or at the latest, the morning of the party. Don’t leave it any later, because you need your energy for cooking and entertaining. It would be too bad if you felt like falling asleep around the dessert course because you spent your energy cleaning and tidying in the afternoon.

Remember, you want time to do the last minute cooking, and you want time to take a quick break just before the guests arrive.

What you don’t want is a continuous series of tasks that last right up until the doorbell rings. So get that cleaning out of the way well beforehand.

House cleaning tip #2
Think about just what spaces your company might go into. Here’s a likely list.

  • The foyer
  • The place where coats will be put (perhaps a bedroom if not the foyer)
  • The living and dining areas
  • The kitchen
  • The bathroom
  • The hallways connecting any of these places

House keeping tip #3
This one is really important.

Decide now that the places you listed (under tip # 2) are the places that will get your cleaning, tidying and de-cluttering attention and energy.

Maybe other places need your attention another day, but be resolute. Now is not the time they will get it.

Repeat after me, especially if you are a cleaning freak - just the places on your list!

House cleaning tip #4
This is all about speed cleaning in the most efficient way. Here’s a housecleaning checklist to help you speed clean your way around the places your guests may go into:

  • Carry your supplies with you in a container
  • Bring a clutter box into each space.
  • Unless you can store the clutter right in that same space, right now, put the clutter in this box as you go. Remember this is not about organizing your closet, or your kitchen or any other room.
  • If you don’t have time to deal with the box, leave it until after the dinner party. Then it can become a separate organizing project.
  • Clean from top to bottom
  • Pay special attention to around light switches and door handles where you are likely to find fingerprints
  • Work your way around the room rather than darting from corner to corner.
  • Dust first, then vacuum

House cleaning tip # 5
Pay special attention to the bathroom. You might feel uneasy all evening if you’re not satisfied with the job you did there. Do a quick cleanup, but make especially sure of these essentials:

  • Make sure the toilet is perfectly clean, and the taps in the sink sparkle. Rubbing alcohol wiped over the taps does a great job!
  • Put out extra toilet paper where your guests can see it easily.
  • Put out fresh hand towels.
  • Wipe any spots off the mirror.
House cleaning tip # 6
Pay special attention to the kitchen too. It’s your workspace for this dinner party. Do a quick cleanup including washing the floor if necessary. Here are some other essentials:
  • Clear off the counters. Remove everything you can if you don’t need it for the dinner party
  • Wipe off the stove top
  • Get the dishwasher ready for action – turn it on and wash if necessary, then empty the dishes
  • Put out clean dish towels and dish cloths
  • Make the sink sparkle.

House cleaning tip # 7
Remove clutter or extra household stuff to make space for your guests.

Most of us don’t have a lot of extra space in our living rooms and foyers. Your guests don’t expect you to work a miracle. But attention to just a few items can put them at ease:

  • Prepare a space for their coats, boots and umbrellas, even if you have to take some household gear to another room
  • Prepare a surface for guests to put their gloves, keys, hostess gifts etc. down while they take their coats off
  • Prepare spaces in the living room where guests can put down their drinks. You may have to remove or push back some of your decorative items

(But if you do want some great tips about deep cleaning and de-cluttering your house, take a little side trip to my webpage on borrowing Home Staging techniques for house cleaning)

Hope these house keeping tips help!

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