Holiday Dinners

festive holiday dinner table

Holiday dinners - the cycle of the year gives us many opportunities to celebrate with family and friends – Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter, Mothers’ Day, Thanksgiving and others. But these occasions can also be challenges, can't they?

What is the secret of relieving the stress and keeping the joy of these festive occasions?

Just keep the menu simple, and wherever possible prepare make ahead dishes. That way you can spend the holiday dinner with your family and friends instead of alone in the kitchen.

If you have a simple white table (white tablecloth and napkins) you can easily evoke the holiday you are celebrating. Small decorative gourds for Thanksgiving, pine cones at Christmas, chocolate eggs at Easter, red roses for Valentines, they all instantly evoke a particular holiday. No need to fuss over complicated décor. After all, your guests are the real stars at the table.

Holidays are times when comfort foods and traditional dinners are expected and welcome. But it doesn’t mean that we have to make our traditional dinners elaborate and overwhelming for hosts and guests. In fact, in these days of health-conscious eating, your guests will thank you for providing traditional foods like turkey at Christmas and ham at Easter without insisting on them eating all the extras we served in the past.

Check out these tips for making your family and friends happy at your holiday dinner parties.

Traditional Christmas dinner

Get three tips to make sure you can host a traditional Christmas dinner that is also an easy Christmas dinner . This is a time for you to enjoy the day along with family and friends. See my Traditional Christmas dinner page for details

New Years Eve dinner menu ideas

See how you can choose a New Years Eve dinner menu that makes for more sophisticated dining than ordinary weekend dinner parties. But it doesn’t break the bank the way going out for dinner can on New Years Eve. See my New Years Eve dinner menu page for details

Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas

Yes you can actually prepare many of the thanksgiving feast dishes in advance, including the turkey. See my Thanksgiving Dinner page for details.

Valentine’s Dinner

Valentine’s Dinner It is possible to make a lovely romantic Valentine’s dinner mostly in advance. Then you can devote most of your hosting time to your sweetheart, or to the sweet friends and family you have invited. See my Valentines Dinner page for details.

Easter Dinner

Here are some great tips for throwing a last minute Easter Dinner. Of course you can use these tips to plan ahead for an Easter Dinner as well. As always, the focus is on a simple but delicious menu, doing as much as possible in advance and a decorating bow to the holiday. See my Easter Dinner page for details.

Happy Mothers Day

How wonderful to give Mom a special dinner of dishes that she loves, even if you are a novice cook. A meat thermometer, prewashed salad, frozen vegetables, fruit salad and chocolate are your tools to give your Mom a dinner that will tell her “I love you Mom” without stressing out even the most novice of cooks.

Notice how every holiday dinner has the same theme – keep the menu simple, make as much as you can in advance,

So join your family and friends in the living room at your next holiday, and enjoy your own dinner party with them.

See my Happy Mothers Day page for details.

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