Centerpiece ideas

Here are some easy table centerpiece ideas for your home dinner party. They include inexpensive flower, edible, candle and seasonal centerpieces.

Not only are they inexpensive, they are really easy to put together. Because they are so easy to put together, and look so good, they don't add any stress to your dinner party planning.

A range of simple ideas makes your dinner party planning simpler.

Having a repertoire of ideas at your fingertips removes a source of stress as you contemplate your next dinner party. And I'm all in favor of removing host and hostess stress, aren't you?

Flower centerpieces for your dinner party

purp[le flowers are dramatic on a white table

Floral centerpieces are the ones that usually come to mind first when you are planning to decorate your dinner table. Almost everyone loves flowers, and there is such a seasonal array available in local markets that you can always be changing your centerpiece to suit the season and the occasion.

Flowers add color and drama to dinner party tables.

Would you like some tips about arranging flowers? Browse my Flower arranging page for floral centerpiece know-how

But you don’t always have to use floral centerpieces. There are lots of other choices.

Other stunning centerpieces ideas

You can make stunning centerpieces from a whole array of different items. We tend to think of flowers for our centerpiece ideas, but why not add creative ideas for other displays to your repertoire?

For example, you could create a centerpiece from candles, or edible items, or gather together a few animal figurines. All of these can make for stunning centerpieces.

Candle centerpiece ideas

You can make stunning centerpieces from pillar candles, or floating candles, or tea candles.

Put the candles on a mirror tile and you double and triple the effect of your candle centerpiece. Go to my Magic of Candlelight page to get inspired by candle ideas and photos

Edible centerpieces

Here’s another suggestion.

A simple bowl of lemons is a refreshing spring display.

A small pot of herbs gives the same spring message. Just don’t choose herbs with a strong fragrance that might fight the food fragrances.

Put a delicious looking bowl of fruit on the table, and you can double its usefulness by inviting people to help themselves at dessert.

fruit bowl with candelabra

See my Edible centerpieces page for examples of centerpieces made from fruit and vegetables, even chocolate.

Seasonal centerpieces

Seasonal themes are always appropriate. And it’s really easy to make them without flowers if you wish.

A trailing of ivy suggests spring.

A bowl of sand with a frilly drink umbrella or two perched in it says summer, or tropics.

A Thanksgiving centerpiece is easy to create by sprinkling some small decorative gourds on the table.

gourds decorate the table

Ideas for inexpensive centerpieces

Most of us perk up at the thought that we could find ideas for inexpensive centerpieces or even make them ourselves without sacrificing a beautiful table for our guests. I admire people who can create finished products that are lovely, but I don’t have arts and crafts skills. So I avoid table decorations that require arts and crafts skills and look instead for an arrangement that's easy for everyone to put together.The examples above can all be inexpensive. Here are more ideas for inexpensive centerpieces:

gourds sprinkled on a fall table,
a row of votive lights,
three pillar candles on a mirror tile,
a single flower floating in a bowl.

These are all beautiful, easy and inexpensive centerpiece ideas.

Table centerpiece ideas come from all kinds of places

So go ahead and widen your horizons to include more than just flowers on your dinner party table. And here’s a reminder – most of the suggestions on this page are also inexpensive.

Let your creativity reign. Flower centerpieces are beautiful, but as you see, there are many other table centerpiece ideas for your dinner party.

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