Dinner Party Ideas that put the zest back into entertaining at home

Zesty dinner party ideas for savvy hosts and hostesses

This one stop dinner party website is packed with easy entertaining tips and techniques for you to enjoy your dinner parties right along with your guests.

Savvy Hosting Know How Tips

Stay organized and stress free with my tips and lists on Menu Planning

Take the mystery out of choosing wine. Master simple methods of arranging your table flowers in minutes.

How many people can a table seat comfortably? How do you set the table "properly"? Cherry-pick the info you need with table setting basics.

Eliminate etiquette anxieties. With my dinner party etiquette info there’s no more worrying about which fork goes where, what to do when a guest is really late, or whether it’s OK to let guests help.

Get the house sparkling easily with quickie house cleaning tips for covering the essentials. You’ll even find great tips borrowed from home staging pros to get your house sparkling without knocking yourself out.

Mood Setting

Discover the secrets of setting the mood you want.

Choose dinner music that creates atmosphere without taking over.

Capture the magic of candlelight. Get tips on using this easy and inexpensive mood-setter for more than just the dining room table.

Get easy centerpiece ideas that help you set the mood or the theme of your dinner party without spending a bundle.

Is it a casual summer barbecue on the patio? Then here's a great source for casual dinnerware that looks great with a simple flower centrepiece from the garden.

Is it Valentine’s Day? Maybe an edible centrepiece of chocolate. Get lots of ideas for stunning centrepieces that match the mood you want.

That Special Dinner - seasonal, holiday, family event, theme dinner parties

Take advantage of tips that reduce the workload for those special event dinners. Get menu suggestions and plans for all the ritual holiday dinners that mark the cycle of the year - Easter Dinner, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and more.

Mark those family milestones, graduations, weddings, retirement.

Usher in the season with a menu that says spring, summer, fall or winter.

Have fun with a French bistro dinner, an Italian dinner and other theme dinner parties.

Theme dinner parties are fun, easy and inexpensive to host. And theme dinner parties are great ice-breakers.

No need to redecorate the dining room or restock the kitchen. Instead just suggest the theme with a recipe like steak frites or make-ahead coq au vin for your French bistro dinner, a red checkered tablecloth at your Italian dinner, a Mexican sombrero draped across the back of a chair on Mexican dinner night.

With fresh light menus you'll be ready for the joy of spring. Be one of the first to bring out the barbecue and invite company to welcome that first hot day of summer with you.

When the the cooler evenings come and the leaves turn to flame, and when the year falls to winter with its hush of snow on the northern streets, you'll be ready with your cooler season menus and recipes.

Create a repertoire of easy recipes

You don’t need a pile of cookbooks or a mountain of menus, just a few easy recipes for appetizers, entrees, side dishes and desserts.

With the recipes you get on these pages, you can mix and match your menus for simple and more formal dinners.

And for me “easy” includes make-ahead appetizers, entrees, sides and desserts. The more I make ahead, the less I stress.

You’ll find plenty of make-ahead suggestions on the Easy Recipes pages.

"Easy" can also include “store-bought” too. Do you know anyone who objects to being invited for a spontaneous, casual Friday night dinner where you whip a salad together and serve it with a delicious whole deli roast chicken, crusty bread and a bottle of wine? Or anyone who objects to store-bought ice cream for dessert after the main course you prepared yourself? I don’t.

I hope you enjoy browsing for tips and topics to help you host a stress-free dinner party.

Dinner party store
One-stop dinner party store makes it super-convenient for you to stock up on dinner party tableware, bar and wine supplies, dinner music, and eye candy books and supplies for on entertaining at home
Dinner Party Blog
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Great Dinner Parties At Home E-book
Happily host great dinner parties at home as soon as next weekend when you buy my inexpensive e-book full of easy to use techniques for happy, easy and stress-free dinner parties at home
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Have you been thinking about starting a web business that makes you some money? Read about how I turned my love of hosting small dinner parties into a hobby website that ended up making me money
Plan ahead tips:organizing your dinner party ideas
How to make a Dinner Party Plan Ahead schedule and do menu planning that leaves you in charge and stress-free as your dinner party date draws near.
Menu Planning
Secrets of menu planning that let you the host minimize pre-dinner work and enjoy your dinner party along with your guests
Dinner Party Planning Mistakes
Dinner Party Planning Mistakes. Even experienced dinner party planners can slip into them. Read about easy mistakes and check out how to avoid them.
Table-setting-Basics to be confident you have set your table for almost any occasion properly and beautifully, in no time flat
House cleaning tips for a dinner party
House cleaning tips to sparkle up your place in the shortest time when you're hosting a dinner party
Stocking the pantry
Stock your pantry to save steps and chores when you are shopping for a dinner party. Here's how to build a list of items for your kitchen pantry to maximize kitchen storage for dinner parties.
this author says you don't need to buy out the kitchenware store to stock proper cookware. All you need to get started is a knife, chopping board and a couple of pans
Easy recipes and easy cooking tips
Easy recipes make for easy dinner parties. Yes, with easy recipes and easy cooking tips you can throw a delicious AND stress-free dinner party. Take a few minutes and browse for your tips now.
Make-ahead appetizers
Make-ahead appetizers minimize last minute dinner party hosting stress. Here are some perennial favorites to light up your guests eyes when they walk into your living room.
Make ahead recipes: Main dish recipes to make ahead
Make ahead recipes for the main dish. Bliss! Imagine choosing from these make ahead chicken dinner recipes, cooking one and tucking it away in the fridge
Choosing wine
Choosing wine to serve at your home dinner party is easy when you follow these four simple guidelines. Take the mystery out of choosing and serving wine to your guests.
After dinner coffee
Ending a delicious meal with delicious coffee is a happy tradition. If you don’t drink coffee yourself, just follow these few guidelines to serve a delicious cup.
Tea, anyone?
How to serve a great cup of tea at your dinner party, even if you're not a tea drinker yourself
Choosing Dinner Music
Dinner music creates a soothing environment, but be sure to make it a supporting player, not a star at your dinner party. Choose quiet background music for this occasion.
Candle guide
Use this candle guide to choose the right candles to cast lighting magic on your dinner table.Read why an unscented candle is the right choice, whether tapers, pillars,votives, tea lights.
Arranging flowers: flower arranging for your dinner party table centerpieces
Discover these simple ways of arranging flowers for your dinner party table centrepieces without going to flower arranging school.
Dinner Party Etiquette
What basic dinner party etiquette do you need to get through a dinner party comfortably? Read on, and you can also enjoy my link to a vintage etiquette blog
Find out why it is so important to send your invitations out well in advance. Learn the different ways of inviting your guests, including the latest "e-vite" method.
Should Guests Help
Should guests help? Guidelines on when to accept help, especially if you are hosting alone. Read how the right way of accepting help can ease your work, and make both you and your guest feel good
Welcome Your Dinner Party Guests with these tips for a smooth transition from doorbell to pre-dinner drinks to dinner table. Set the welcoming mood from the start.
Centerpiece ideas
Browse a range of table centerpiece ideas to create stunning centerpieces for your dinner parties. A repertoire of centerpiece ideas reduces dinner party planning stress.
Table centerpieces that work for most occasions
Create a repertoire of 3 table centerpieces that serve for almost any home dinner party occasion. It's quick and easy with these step-by-step directions.
Flower centerpieces: floral centerpieces for many moods
Just a few easy flower centerpieces arrangements provide you with the right moods for almost every dinner party mood you might want – elegant/romantic, playful, modern/dramatic.
Holiday Dinners
Holiday dinners can make create as much stress as joy. But you can change that. Find the secret here of relieving stress and keeping the joy of your holiday dinners, throughout the cycle of the year.
Theme dinner parties: Italian dinner party, French dinner party and others
Find out how easy it is to host one of these theme dinner parties, French, Italian, Mexican. Get directions on how to suggest a theme with your dinner music, table settings, drink and food choices.
Dinner party ideas:Friday night
Great dinner party ideas include casual dinner parties and easy dinner party recipes. Friday is the perfect night for you and friends to gather round your table and dish up the week over simple comfor
Rehearsal dinner party
Tips for hosting a calm, enjoyable wedding rehearsal dinner party even if everyone is spinning out over the upcoming wedding
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